Tutorial 3 – Smart Bets and Swap Back & Lay

In this article will explain what is ‘Smart Bets’ and ‘Swap Back & Lay’ and how you can use these features to successfully trade with BetMarket Trader.

Smart Bets is an option which gives you ability to automatically calculate stake for trading bet. Using Smart Bets feature you can create a Win/Win trading situation where you are making profit regardless from the event outcome. When you are in Trading Mode (to learn more about this read our Trading Tutorial) the software places a trading bet for you after your first bet. Enabling Smart Bets option you tells the software to analyse the difference in prices between two bets and automatically calculate a stake for the trading bet. By default the application shares your profit between lose and win in equal parts. However you can set it to make profit of, say, 70% if the selection wins and 30% if it loses. You can control this parameter (win percentage) in the Settings dialog which is shown bellow. Note Win Percentage box.

Some traders prefer to make maximum profit if the traded horse wins and others like to be sure that they make profit regardless of outcome.

Now lets talk about another useful feature, Swap function. When it is enabled the application will place a Lay bet if you’ve clicked at Back cell of the grid and vise versa. This gives you an ability to use prices of the different bet types and bet faster. Lets suppose we have a situation when Back price is 1.65 and Lay price is 1.66. You want to place a Back bet at 1.66. Without Swap feature you would need to enable Confirm Bets function, then click on 1.65 Back cell, adjust your price to 1.66 and click Confirm button. All this is time consuming. However you can simply enable Swap function and click on 1.66. And that’s it, your bet will be placed on Betfair. This feature also makes it possible to use so called ‘Betting on the edge’ trading technique when you are placing Back bets at lay prices and Lay bets at back prices.

You can download all our software for free here: Download. Happy betting!